Beneath an umbrella
Ensconced together under
Our own little night time canopy
Midnight in Paris
When the streets should run with romance
But all I can see is the rain in these gutters
And they can’t hold a torch
To how being this close
In the cold and the dark
To the calm little clouds of your breath
Puts my heart in a flutter.
The puddles turn street lamps
Beside Gare du Nord
Into stars in the ground
And so, staring down,
I’ve suddenly found
That we’ve traipsed
All the way past the clouds,
Up and up, ‘til I’m walking on air
With the sky at my feet
With you by my side
With our fingers entwined
We stop by the Seine, take a moment
And so I begin
To think maybe there’s something
To be found in this place
With the beautiful spires
And the rain on my face
And you. Ma chérie.
You skip ahead, confident,
Framed by these lanes
I trace every movement you make
Weaving light from the lamps all around
In a rain-smattered halo
I’ve the privilege of knowing is there just for me.
And I find myself hoping it’ll always be you
As you tiptoe and plant a soft kiss
On my reddening cheek;
I’m amazed by the glow
Such a light touch can give
In this little, big moment
Of our time in Paris.

Artwork by Katie May.

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